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We conduct curriculum based annual trainings / workshops at schools in the areas of

Performing Arts, Visual Arts & Martial Arts








Dr. S A Nair

Utsaah has seamlessly executed the annual project [Hobby Clubs] as well as the Themed Cultural days [Annual Day] and Themed Sports Day presentations of our School by not only training our students but also by providing end –to-end services. They are making concerted efforts towards reviving the ancient traditional martial art of our country – Kalaripayattu. They had organised a workshop on Financial Prudence which was very informative. Another novel idea of their which needs a mention here is Utsaah Limelight- where they introduce students to niche art forms. The shadow-play show organised by them as part of the Limelight initiative was a memorable one for students, staff & parents.

Smt. Kalpana Mohan

"A pleasant personality - everyone feels happy totalk to her. A honest individual - She executes what she promised irrespective of any kind of hurdles. 

A great team player - her team is the best. They just do anything and everything without even thinking. Her strength is her team.

Wishing team Utsaah the very best"


Ridhi Gupta, Founder - Utsaah Learning Pvt Ltd.

Featured as Guest contributor in the book "Making of A Parent".  Her view point on "Learning beyond the classroom".

Press Release


Ridhi Gupta

Post graduate in Computer Sciences, she co-founded Utsaah Learning Private Limited in 2017. She is a senior level industry executive with over 15 years of experience and now an entrepreneur. She is the chief architect of the curriculum development and Strategic marketing management for Utsaah. She also held top leadership roles in the world's largest business networking and business referral organization.


Co-founded Utsaah Learning Private Limited in 2017. She comes from the design background. A bachelor in Business Administration, exposed to large Corporates in senior leadership roles. She always felt that she had a calling from arts which led to formation of Utsaah Learning Private Limited. She plays an instrumental role in forging associations with academies and artists and strategic planning and operational planning




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