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Still choosing / HIRING individual coaches over organizations for your performing arts programs, KNOW YOUR RISKS/ challenges.

HIRED individual coaches and now living with some known and a few UNKNOWN challenges

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest." - Peter Drucker

Uncertain Terrain: How Confident are You in Selecting the Right Performing Arts Coach?

Navigating the hiring process for a performing arts coach with the right skills can be unfamiliar territory for school HR. How confident are you that you've found the ideal candidate?

Limited range of offerings

Individual coaches may specialize in specific skills or disciplines, limiting the range of programs they can offer. This specialization can result in higher costs for schools, as you may need to hire multiple individual coaches to cover a variety of performing arts disciplines.

Limited Expertise

While individual coaches may excel in their specific art form, they may lack the diverse expertise and resources that organizations can offer, such as access to multiple instructors, curriculum development, and performance opportunities. Most of the times, they alone cannot even manage the annual reports, appropriate parent interaction

Lack of Professionalism

Individual coaches may exhibit unprofessional behavior, such as being late to sessions, using inappropriate language, or not respecting boundaries with students.

Lack of Preparation

Individual coaches may not adequately prepare for classes or rehearsals, leading to disorganized or ineffective sessions.

Potential Safety Threat / Issue: Lack of Background Checks

Individual coaches may not undergo thorough background checks, increasing the risk of hiring someone with a questionable history or credentials.


Individual coaches may not always be available due to personal reasons, such as illness or conflicting commitments, leading to disruptions in the program. They may have irregular attendance or cancel sessions last minute, disrupting the program's schedule and progress. Consistency is always a challenge.

Limited Supervision

Without oversight from a larger organization or institution, individual coaches may not adhere to proper safety protocols during rehearsals or performances.

Limited Networking Opportunities

Schools may miss out on networking opportunities and collaborations with other schools or organizations that larger organizations can facilitate.

Insurance Coverage

Schools may need to ensure that individual coaches have appropriate liability insurance coverage to protect against potential accidents or injuries during program activities.

Administrative Burden

Schools may need to manage multiple individual contracts, schedules, and payments, which can be time-consuming and challenging to coordinate.

Professional Development

Individual coaches may not have access to ongoing professional development opportunities, which can impact the quality and innovation of the program over time.


"Successful outsourcing is not about finding the cheapest solution, but about finding the right partner who can deliver quality and value."

Are you seeking a partner who can bring expertise and creativity to enhance your arts curriculum?

"Collaborate with UTSAAH to access a diverse range of programs led by multiple expert instructors in one convenient location.
Our approach provides a cost-effective solution for schools aiming to enrich their performing arts curriculum.
Our instructors undergo police verification, receive training in soft skills, and are well-versed in POCSO guidelines.

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